Yowza Captiva - 3 Reasons You Should Try Out This Elliptical Trainer

Published: 08th July 2010
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When you consider all of the choices that you have available to you in terms of a cross-trainer for home use, a handful of brands probably rise to the top rather quickly. Normally you tend to think about the equipment that you have used already as a viable and safe option. . Given so many options, it is difficult to change your stripes and consider new contenders to the ever-changing, dynamic fitness industry. So why would you consider a Yowza Fitness Captiva? Here are three reasons you should consider this elliptical trainer.

1) The Yowza Fitness Captiva Variable Motion Elliptical (VME) is scientifically innovative.

This is a claim that is substantiated by both the unique design of the variable motion technology as well as the cardio core abdominal feature - these are two of the patented features that are unique to only the Yowza Captiva, although the core motion is available also on their Sanibel elliptical. In addition to these patented innovations, the Captiva uses a rear-drive motor for resistance, using the smoothest method available: electromagnetic resistance.

The benefits include a more durable product, as well as the very low maintenance. On many other models on the market, the manufacturers have included flywheels and rollertracks. Both of these apparatuses will cause a rough ride in time, but not so with Yowza's flagship elliptical. The Yowza R and D team has tried to create industry-defining technological advances with Captiva VME.

Naturally there are other perks, such as a cooling fan, iPod docking station, full control panel, heart rate monitor, rampless incline and other features to make sure you do not out-grow your elliptical. These will ensure that your elliptical trainer workouts remains cutting-edge and smooth.

2) The Yowza Fitness Captiva alone offers variable motion control.

The forward-thinking of this feature is astonishing, as the Captiva allows you to adjust the stride length on the fly, from 18-32 inches, with but a push of a button. You can start out in a more warm-up mode to a full stride, leaping along, after which you can you can finish working out in more of a cooling off period. Think: muscle confusion and long-life when it comes to your purchase.

3) Cardio Core, Counter-Rotational motion means what, exactly?

This particular feature is easily a feature that makes many happy customers claim, "Yowza Captiva is astounding!" Besides the other features, which is what affords the user an ergonomic abdominal workout that will cause many to hail this as a best-in-class buy, this feature makes the Captiva an elliptical machine in a class all of its own.

Simply put, the counter-rotational core motion will work your abdominal core as you stand upright, giving you more of a calorie-burning boost as your total body workout is truly that: a total body workout. This motion is created by the T-bar handles, where your upper body will twist much like a crunch motion, bringing the your right hand to your left knee in the first rotation, to repeat with the opposite hand and knee coming together in the next revolution.

These three are the top reasons to buy the Yowza Fitness Captiva VME, but a great 60-day money-back guarantee, a great warranty which includes two years on in-home repairs (labor), lifetime warranty on the electromagnetic brakes and the frame of the elliptical trainer, and five year warranty on the electronics and other parts are great reasons to consider this formidable piece of home fitness equipment.

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